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The Symbiosism: a Paradigm shift in UN narrative

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The Symbiosism: a Paradigm shift in UN narrative


Ms H.E. Han Jeoung-ae, Mr. Axel Threlfall:


First of all, on behalf of the Symbiosism Culture Think-Tank Foundation of Canada, I would like to warmly congratulate the Environmental Program of United Nation’s first Asia-Pacific Science-Policy-Business forum on the theme of  “Healthy Recovery of People, Nature and Economy”, to  be held online on October 5, 2021.


We believe that it is now very necessary and timely to address the topic on “Towards a Healthy Rebound for People, Nature and Economies” from the perspective of a sustainable, equitable and tolerable economic rebound.  We hope that the upcoming forum will make historical impact on the international community to take this opportunity put in place new strategies, technologies, policies and actions because the state of Anthropocene – marked by the profound impact of human activities on earth is not at a far away distant future, but has already arrived and is now at a critical state in our current generation.


Humans, who imagine themselves as the spirits of all things, are often unable to escape from the unintended fate of being controlled and consumed (reverse phagocytic effect or self-inflicted extinction) by our own creations. Today, the unintended reverse phagocytic effect has resulted in major divisions, conflict and confrontation between interpersonal, inter-event, inter-object, inter-group, inter-ethnic and international communities.  In the last five hundred years, the popularization of the “human-centered” ideology has greatly changed the thinking of humans and the values we hold, to which end, is the driving force behind the relentless expansion of navigation, the use of scientific technological humanistic tools (i.e. thermonuclear, biochemical weapons, infrastructure, economic and trade exchanges, planning, markets, standardization and replication of scale) which has collectively led to an exacerbation of an unintended reverse phagocytic effect. This is especially so under the current impact of the corona virus global pandemic, climate change, environmental pollution and extinction of microbial diversity. These events have in total brought an unprecedented pressure on the natural systems of the earth to an unbearable point for all living things on earth, including microorganisms and human beings alike. As Annalie Nevitz has warned, if humans do not repent and rethink the thresholds of their current lifestyle, it could lead to the “Sixth Extinction”. Will humanity then survive?


This “planetary crisis” is also known as a “global symbiosis crisis”!


Let us briefly review the evolution of life on Earth. Human beings and other living organisms came to being in life together more than 60,000 years ago and have gone through “three ages” of civilization and regeneration, namely, the gathering and hunting civilization (Naturalopocene), the industrial and commercial civilization (Anthropocene) and the ecological civilization (Earthropocene).


The origin, growth and development of the living world has a significant impact on Charles Darwin’s theory of “natural selection and survival of the fittest”. This can be understood as competition, coexistence and symbiosis (Symbiosism of co-opetition) or Symbiosism in short. Symbiosism actually penetrates the entire process of “metabolism” from inorganic matter to organic life of all living organisms.


This current generation is sitting on the edge of a major historical shift from the “Anthropocene of Industrial and commercial civilization” to the “Earthropocene of ecological civilization”.  The prevention of a further risk in planet depletion would require an acceleration of a rapid scientific technological progress, a timely policy intervention and a framework of regulatory governance and sustainable financial system in shifting the trillions of dollars previously used into developing greener, more sustainable markets and healthier planet. Thus, the current expansionary footprints of human civilization need to be reversed by shrinking and limiting growth! This requires a paradigm shift in our mindsets, values and lifestyles.


We call such a paradigm shift a Symbiotic paradigm shift. That is: The Symbiotic Genesis of the Natural World (The Symbiotic Genesis), the Symbiotic Baseline of the Anthropocene (The Symbiotic Baseline), and the Symbiotic Soul of the Earth (The Symbiotic Soul).


In order to address the “global symbiotic crisis”, the international community urgently needs a philosophical dialogue to confront the current contemporary issues in meeting the needs of human civilization and the paradigm shift. We have combined the concept of “sustainability” proposed by the United Nations in 1987 and launched a global Symbiosis forum (GSF) dialogue in China in 2012. In 2018, we published a book on the Global Symbiosism: Chinese School of Defusing Clashes and Rebuilding the World Order. In 2020 during the corona virus pandemic, the Global Symbiosis Society was established in Canada, and a book with Chinese to English translation on SYMBIOSISM – The Mind Power to agree on an Innovative Lifestyle, was written and published in Canada in 2021 by Onebook Press.



We fully agree with the United Nations’ Environmental Program Initiative on Green Technological Market Development driven by Science and Technological Advances, Empowerment Policies and Innovative Financing. We have already integrated Science, Policies and Business Forum in our Global Symbiosis Forum to which we hope to establish a working partnership with United Nations to embark on a joint journey towards rebuilding a healthy recovery of people, nature and economy.


We believe that the United Nations was born in the midst of the 1945 war to ensure “security, peace, human rights, and coexistence” in the world. However, in addressing the United Nations’ continuity in securing a sustainable ecological civilization, global coexistence and peace, we would like to reemphasize the suggestions we made to the UN Secretary-General during the UN’s 75th anniversary in 2020.


  1. To this day, the mission of the United Nations has been to solve global issues of super-sovereignty, super-geography and super-civilization to realize global symbiosis of holographic ecology.
  2. If the United Nations does not change the exclusive setting of the sovereign states in its organizational structure, then when confronted with “global problems” that are supra-sovereign, supra-geographical and supra-civilizational in nature (such as the Covid-19 pandemic, economic shutdown and ideological disputes in 2020), the United Nations which was born out of the artillery of World War II, would become powerless in finding the solution, no matter how hard the UN Secretary General works!
  3. Third, if United Nations absolutely cannot solve the “global problems”, then the UN may have to face up to an eventual disintegration and restructuring, or undergo a complete radical structural changes such as:-


a、An update on the United Nations’ Charter of human rights, sovereignty rights and property rights by a paradigm shift toward global Symbiosism, for the purpose of coexistence and sustainable peace.

b、The establishing of a “Global Symbiosis Forum” (GSF) and the drafting and promulgation of a “Global Symbiosis Declaration”.

c、A change in the one vote veto system for the permanent members of the Security Council by expanding it into permanent membership of 5+6: China, the United States, Russia, Britain and France + Germany (politically normal), Japan (politically normal), India (economic take-off), Australia, Canada and Brazil.

d、The assignment of new functions to the Trust Management Council and upgrading the specifications of the Human Rights Council and merging the two councils into the Global Symbiosis Council, as well as establishing the Symbiosis Civilization Foundation.

e、The adjustment of the functions of the ECOSOC world organisations, drafting and formulating the “Global Symbiosis Convention”.


We do not want to witness the progressive disintegration of United Nations that has been painstakingly built by our previous generation!


Hence, we would like to take this opportunity on the occasion of the UN’s 75th anniversary, to start a philosophical dialogue in addressing the “three transcendent global issues”, while setting aside all prejudices and demands for privileges, to fully support Secretary-General Guterres in his work on the UN reform!


Finally, while addressing changes in the world, we need to ask a pertinent question – that is, are these changes made in anyway ethical and upright for humanity as a whole?  What I am talking about here is of course, the Symbiosism of “live and let live”. In other words, do all the organizational structures, powers, responsibilities and rights created to materialize that change exhibit the elements of Symbiosism as the starting and ending point?


This is a “to be or not to be” type of question for our current generation!


In my book “The Original Virtue: Philosophy of a Great Republic”, this question was raised 10 years ago in the preface “From the question of a Prince to the question of a farmer”. Today, I have to ask the same question again!


In viewing the macro world, one cannot help but appreciate the earth is one with its inhabitants (people, events and things) co-existing together in the Symbiosism way of life for a healthy body, mind and soul. Hence, the earth is the first, the Symbiosism is the way.


Archer Qian Hong

Lynne’s Translation

Symbiosism Culture Think-Tank Foundation(CANADA)

September 24, 2021 in Vancouver,

+1 236 5587628

(Lynne’s Translation)


The Symbiosism:a Paradigm shift in UN narrative


H.E.Han Jeoungae女士、Axel Threlfall先生:


首先,我谨代表Symbiosism Culture Think-Tank Foundation(CANADA),热烈祝贺以“人、自然和经济的健康恢复”为主题的联合国环境署第一届亚太地区科学-政策-商业论坛,将于2021年10月5日在线上举行!


我们认为,亚太科学政策商业论坛,从可持续、公平和包容性反弹的途径,探讨“Towards A Healthy Rebound for People, Nature and Economies”,是十分必要而及时之行动。而且,作为承前启后的当代人类组织行为,我们希望国际社会将以此为契机,将新的战略、技术、政策和行动,置于富有历史意义的因应之道




人类自诩为万物之灵,但却往往无法擺脱被自己的创造物控制反噬(Reverse phagocytic)的命运。如今,反噬已然是造成人际、事际、物际、群际、族际、國際“分裂-对抗-冲突”的重要原因。过去五百年,由于“以人为本”思想观念的普及,大航海拓展,科技人文工具(热核生化兵器、基础建设、经贸交流、规划、市场、标准化复制化规模化)的使用,及其反噬效应(Reverse phagocytic effect),大大改变了人类的思维方式、价值观和生活方式,致使地球的自然系统承受着前所未有的压力——特别是在新冠疫情全球大流行的冲击下,联合国环境组织关注的“气候变化、生物多样性丧失和环境污染”三场由人类造成的地球危机,已经到了包括微生物在内的所有地球生灵与人本身难以承受之重的地步。正如Annalie Nevitz所警告的,人类再不幡然悔悟,彻底反思现行生活方式阈值,将可能招致地球的“第六次大灭绝”(The Sixth Extinction: Will Humanity Survive?






同时,我们不难发现,生命世界的起源、成长、走向,有一个贯穿始终的显著属性,那就是,达尔文发现的所谓“自然选择,适者生存”,实际上就当理解为:竞合共生(Symbiosism of co-opetition)。简称:共生(Symbiosism)。而共生,事实上贯通地球从无机物到包括人类社会在内的有机生命活体的“新陈代谢、强弱代偿”全过程。


今天,我们当代人,正处于“工商文明的人类世”向“生态文明的地球世”转移的历史大变局前夜,改变固然需要“快速的科学和技术进步提供解决方案,需要“及时的政策干预、监管和治理框架”,以及可持续金融体系的支持”即“将数万亿美元从消耗地球的风险转移到更绿色的投资、更可持续的市场和更健康的地球上”,但不是为了继续扩展人类文明的足迹,而是相反——要用共生价值观为一切硬道理导航,收缩和限制人类文明的足迹!为此,我们需要思维方式、价值观和生活方式上的典范转移(Paradigm shift)。


我们将这样的典范转移,称之为共生典范转移。这就是:自然世的共生起源(The Symbiotic Genesis)、人类世的共生底线(The Symbiotic Baseline)、地球世的共生灵魂(Symbiotic Soul)


为了应对“全球共生危机”,国际社会亟需直面当代问题的哲学对话,以适应人类文明形态与典范转移的需要,我们结合联合国1987年提出的“可持续”概念,于2012年在中国发起了“全球共生论坛”(GSF),2018年出版了《全球共生:化解冲突重建世界秩序的中国学派》(Global Symbiosism:Chinese School of Defusing Clashes and Rebuilding the World Order),2020年新冠疫情全球大流行,在加拿大成立了“全球共生学会”,组织出版了中英文对照读本《SYMBIOSISM·共生——The Mind Power to Agree on An Innovative Lifestyle·一种约定创新生活方式的精神力量》(One book Press,CANADA,2021)。















1、 将人权、主权、物权观念,更新为全球共生永续和平观念的共生权典范转移,修改《联合国宪章》;


2、 设立“全球共生论坛”(GSF),起草、颁布《全球共生宣言》;


3、 改变安全理事会常任理事国一票否决权制度,常任理事国扩容为5+6:中美俄英法+德国(政治正常)、日本(政治正常)、印度(经济起飞)、澳大利亚、加拿大、巴西;


4、 给托管理理事会赋以新的职能、提升人权理事会规格,两会合并更名为:“全球共生理事会”,设立“共生文明基金会”;


5、 调整经社理事会各世界组织职能,起草制定《全球共生公约》。






最后,改變在不在道上?我这里说的,当然是“自己活也让別人活”(live and let live)的共生之道。亦即我們一切應改變之运而生的必要的組織架構和組織行為展現的权能、权责、权利,是不是以共生(Symbiosism)為出發點和落脚点?


這是我們当代人一个“to be or not to be”式的問題!這是10年前为《原徳:大国哲学》一书作的序《从王子之问,到农夫之问》中提出的問題,如今,还得再问一次!


地球为体,宏观天下人事物;共生为用,心系健康身心灵。The earth the first, The symbiosism the way.


钱 宏(Archer Hong Qian)

Symbiosism Culture Think-Tank Foundation(CANADA)